Why am I doing this?

Heyy…. and Assalamualaikum :/

You are probably wondering why am I starting a blog whereas the ‘about’ button clearly showed how reluctant I am doing this. Guess what? I am reluctant.

Allow me to explain this obscure mess of mine. I have a dream and you have a dream. My dream is to write things, stories, thoughts, poems and everything – even rants (only to a certain extent). Bear in mind, I am not a professional – I am a college student who really wants to break free like how Troy Bolton sang in High School Musical. Scratch the Troy Bolton part – I am a terrible singer. So with this blog, I hope I could at least be more confident in writing to the public’s eye.

Anyway, this blog is going to be partially acidic, cancerous to the community and a toxic waste. Just kidding, I’ll try to write some positive things too (because my mom reads my blog).

That’s all for this post. I hope you have a marvelous day and don’t let little things get to you.

Stay safe,



It’s Started with an Idea…

Okay…It’s time for me to tell you something.

I am also currently writing a novel – sort of, besides writing for this blog. I write one on Wattpad. In case you don’t know what is le Wattpad, allow me to explain. Wattpad is an online platform for young aspiring writers to write their very own stories and read other’s works too. Wattpad has over 45 million users all over the world. For your information, some writers managed to gain up to 150 millions of readers. Some writers use this platform to gain fans and even as a channel to get their way to the publishers – yes, some really good stories did publish and my favourite would be the one from Rob Thier. (Please, do read his book called Storm and Silence – it’s fantastic!).

Honestly, I have been a silent reader on Wattpad since 2015 and I’ve been reading lots and lots of stories there. Some were meh, okay, average and straight up really good that I had a bookgasm.

Back when I was young – in high school to be more precise, I wrote a lot of short stories as scripts for my storytelling competitions. Alhamdulillah, I did manage to win some… and lose some. However little did I know that those days were the start of my newly discovered talent – I can write!

After some times, I decided, ‘Why not I write a story on Wattpad? What could possibly go wrong?’ Thus, I did and I already published 10 chapters so far also I’ve gained more than 400 readers. Not bad, Haifa (I’m giving myself an encouragement). You could say that I am promoting my story on this blog but I wanted to tell you that if you have an idea that just popped in your head and you thought maybe you should write about it, then you should!

Basically, what I wanted to tell you is that when you have an idea – doesn’t matter if it’s writing or drawing or composing, you should try it out. Try to make it happen. I’d be lying if I say when you started the ideation into initiation, you’ll immediately get the outcome that you wanted. For example, a one million readers in a day or a one million ringgit sales on your first day – that’s just a fantasy.

Making an idea into an action requires consistency and strong commitment. I have written about 20 chapters or so but I make weekly schedule of when I am suppose to publish and I have to publish only two chapters per week. I do so because I wouldn’t get myself overwork from forcing to write a lot of chapters everyday and publish them the next day. You have to think of quality over quantity! This applied to making your idea into a reality. You really need commitment and discipline to maintain the performance of reaching the goal. A lot of people will notice you once you have reached your success but not many will notice the effort you’ve put through to get there.

However, bear in mind that when you wanted to make the idea into action, you have to come up with a strategy. I made my strategy in making this novel although I can only assume it as my first draft. I made some research of the location where I would set my story in, the historical background of the timeline I would write about and the research of things like tarot cards, cultures and so on. Even a professional novelist would take two years to complete her research in perfecting her masterpiece. The same goes for you when you want to make an action based on your idea. Plan out and do as many research as you can regarding the idea that you’re going to turn into. It’s okay if there’s going to be a setback – you’ll learn your mistake and make a better strategy, that’s how a successful person grow.

I do acknowledge that I am only a young newly budding writer who barely even made it into the real industry. I admit. You don’t need to point it out. But would that stop me from growing? No. I have a lot to learn about being a writer and I would do anything to gain new skills in order to reach my goals.

I hope this little bits of my insights would ignite the sparks within you and motivate you to start something new. I am just rookie writer and I only wish that once you read this, it could at least make a change and strive for a better you πŸ™‚

Keep on brainstorming,


P.S. If you’re wondering what is the title of my story, it’s called Lost Hearts. Here’s the link:


Warning: The story is not suitable for readers under age of 18. I’ve warned you…

Fabulous Songs to Keep You Slayin’

Like my motto; You Gotta Live Fabulously.

There are so many ways to make you feel fabulous and one of them is finding the perfect song. Be honest with me, when you listen to a really good song that talks about confidence and sass, you got that inner Beyonce coming out. So, these are the songs that I like and warning; some of them are annoying ( but I still love ’em)…. and some contain a few colourful words πŸ™‚ If you catch my drift.

I chose them – personally, based on the lyrics, the catchy tunes and the feeling of fabulous surging out the moment I listen to them.

  • I Am Me (ayam mee) by Dato’ Seri Vida

It’s going viral right now and like 9.9/10 Malaysians have already listened to it. Some hate it and some love it – I’m in the latter category. I like how confident she is despite the lyrics were simply thrown in like a confetti – a pretty pink confetti. Come on, I’m a Queen?Β Who doesn’t want to be a queen? Living la Vida? You better live like a diva. I am me? You bet I am me and nobody’s going to change me ’cause I love me!

Also, she knows what it takes to present herself to the world. If you want people to know you; have confidence and show yourself!

  • Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato

This song’s hot on the radio with its perfect bass that’ll make your body move along while waving your hands up in the air. I just love the bass thumps during the chorus and I sing along like I’m one of Demi’s backup singers (which I am absolutely not). Demi even mentioned that this song is for her haters. If the world is against you for being who you are, show ’em this – sorry not sorry.

  • Formation and Run The World by Beyonce (Queen B)

Let’s start with Formation – the beat is uniquely done right. The song doesn’t need that over the top vocal – just some nice lyrics to keep you slayin’. Β The song originally stresses on the African American women in US to unite. To further understand what’s behind the curtains, I recommend you guys read this article by Chris Riotta


As for Run The World, it screams Girl Power! This song always get me motivated – if I want to run the world, then I better get my sh*t done! You and your squad would get pumped up if you’re going to go on a fight…for justice and goodness. Bad vibes, go away.

  • Lip Gloss by Lil’ Mama

Childhood? Yeap. This song is so old back in the early 2000 however the bossy vibe is still bold. The heavy beat can’t help me feeling like I need to walk on a runway while flipping my hair to my haters. I don’t need to explain much – just listen to it and go walk on a runway.

  • Talk by Salvatore Ganacci

I’m pretty sure nobody’s heard this song before – it was never on the radio or publicly advertised. I found it on this Youtube account called xKito Music (you better check it out). She upload songs from indie DJs/singers like Unlike Pluto, Whethan, RUNAGROUND, Β and PLVTINUM.

This song got some sick beats and a strong attitude exerted by the way the singer ‘talk’.

I don’t like the way you talk to me,

Saying you can talk to me however you like,

I know that ain’t right.

Preach, girl. Nobody has the right to say bad things about you. If they do, grab a mirror and show it to them. Cermin diri, please.

  • Bonus: THE CRUSH SONG by Twaimz/issa

This song’s a joke. It’s a parody (or a cover) of Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl. He changed the lyrics about him falls in love with his crush but at the end, he got rejected. Although that’s not the point – the point is, at the end of the song, he ended up having himself as his new crush. Narcissism? I think not. It’s about loving yourself. You go love yourself, honey.

Reason number one – I’m super hot
Reason number two – you’re super not
Reason number three – I’m all I got and all I got is someone hot

To my dear friend, if you’re reading that part – hope that stuck in your head >:)

Warning: This song’s got some sassy words going on. Parental advised πŸ˜€

Well, here are the songs that help me feel a little bit more confident once in awhile. I don’t expect others to have the same power songs like mine. What I want is that you find songs that make you feel empowered and have more trust in yourself. Don’t let others keep you down because if you do, when will you ever see yourself get back up?



P.S. Want to share your power songs, do comment below πŸ™‚

Grade A Student

In a matter of weeks, I’ll be having my final exam for the third semester which also marks the end of my first year for my diploma. Alhamdulillah… So when it comes to final exam, what better things to say than preparing your very soul for a piece of paper that determines your future. If you fail, you have to repeat your semester, lah, tu je tragedinya.

Now you come to the right place πŸ˜€

#1 – Study weeks before the final exam – in fact, since the first day of lecture. Who are we kidding, we’re not that rajin oh my god! The trick is, you come to the extra classes or the last class before finals and listen to your lecturer. When he/she mentions some certain topics on the slides or on the textbook or on the notes given, and the lecturer seems to stress on the specific topics, you have to take note of that.

Warning: Not all subjects can be applied for this trick such as Mathematics, Chemistry and all those logical-consuming, calculating subjects.

#2 – Man up! This is something that people have to learn. Ask question when you do not understand anything, don’t ask your friend! You never know that your friend is just as clueless as you are. Kang dua2 budak ni salah jawab start blame orang pulak, please.

You might get annoyed by some other students when you ask the lecturer too many questions that dragged the hour and in the end, the lecturer couldn’t finish the chapter of the day. You can just ask your lecturer after class πŸ˜‰

#3 –Finish your tutorials whether you like them or not. It’s just like when you’re in primary and secondary school – practice makes perfect. Just pretend that they’re just exercises that you need to finish. I mean, if you have time to exercise your body until you get those six packs abs, you probably have some time to exercise your brain. Sentap jap.

You want to know what’s cool about tutorials? They can be your references for your exam.

#4 – During the exam week, sleep early. Ignore your friends whining about you sleeping early. You need to get your brain as fresh as an avocado! A fully rested body and mind can help boost your mood and you tak lemau bila jawab exam. You won’t feel sleepy or tend to be forgetful when answering the paper.

Besides, who doesn’t love sleeping? Nikmat tau.

#5 – Chill. Stay relax – whatever is going to happen and even after the exam, you just have to let it go. If you feel agitated, just listen to Elsa – she let go like it’s not her business anymore. You’ve done your best and all you need to do is move on. Move on with your life – find a partner, then marry him/her, then have kids and die old. You got nothing to worry about.

Even if you fail, it’s not the end of the world (says the girl who tend cry about her future).

We’re now at the end of this post. I am student from a college and maybe some of you guys couldn’t really apply these tips possibly due to different environment, culture, courses et cetera. I only hope that at least one of those tips could help out despite that the tips are actually common sense.

Do your best, have fun and don’t put too much pressure on you. Love yourself, man.

Good luck,